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Initially a skeptic, after just the first treatment, I immediately felt at ease. Marcie is professional yet warm and genuinely seems concerned about my well-being. Weekly treatments along with Chinese herbs (of which Marcie is very knowledgeable) has created a positive change in my anxiety level and my monthly cycles/fertility issues. I have every confidence that acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped my body get back in balance. Cannot say enough positive things about this practice.

I don't know why....but it WORKS!!!! Marcie is SO wonderful. I would highly recommend not only acupuncture, but Marcie in particular. She has helped myself and my 15 year old son with everything from long term chronic issues to a sinus headache. The office is very professional and Marcie has a great way of putting clients at ease. Try it....you'll be happy you did!

I recently had the need for acupuncture for sciatica following spinal surgery for scoliosis. Following the first treatment I experienced pain relief and following the second treatment I experienced pain relief and positive increase in energy that lasted for a longer time period than after the first treatment. I was amazed not only at the quickness of the response but the degree to which I experienced relief of pain and improved energy level. Clearly Marcie is a uniquely gifted healer.

My experience with Marcie's acupuncture & cupping has surpassed any expectations I had. Every ailment I have presented her with has been vastly improved or disappeared . My TMJ pain no longer bothers me, my tight, stressful shoulders are relaxed after her exquisite cupping. My slow digestion and bloating is non-existent. I can say without a doubt that Marcie's treatments work wonders and I plan on receiving the benefits of her treatments for as long as Marcie is providing them.

Having been to many acupuncturists over the years due to various sports-related ailments, I recently visited Karl to help me with tendinitis in my right ankle. His needle placement was the best and most wonderfully intense I have ever experienced. Thank you Karl for getting me back on my feet and dancing again. 

Karl has done a great deal for me in a short time. First off, he’s good company. Sincere yet light-hearted and good humored. A remarkable character. His treatment is educated and attentive to the degree of being intuitive. And most valuably, Karl is helping me to realize, take, and embrace responsibility of the role I play in my own health and well being. I think of acupuncture as helping the body tune itself to the right/clear station. The acupuncture treatment that I have been receiving is primarily working to clear blockages that have accumulated from (been built up by) stress. 

I decided to try acupuncture after two relatively unsuccessful sinus surgeries. My sinus problems have been chronic for 11 years, and I was constantly suffering from intense sinus pain, and a complete loss of smell and taste. Just 2 days after my first treatment with Karl, I was a new person! My pain was GONE, completely, and I could breathe through my nose for the first time in over a decade. Smell and taste have been fully restored! AMAZING! I wake up actually feeling rested. So thankful!!
- LT   

My Neurologist was treating the nerve damage in my foot and leg that was the result of a knee replacement 4 years ago with a heavy dose of drugs. The drugs didn't quite do the job and had side effects. A few sessions with Karl and the burning that had lasted in my foot / leg for the 4 years is no longer there! I have had acupuncture twice before with different acupuncturists and Karl is indeed knowledgeable, professional and actually inexpensive. The results came rather quickly in my case. 

I have been seeing Michael Dell'Orfano to help with my chronic Lyme disease for about 6 months. He has helped me a great deal and I always feel better after a treatment. He is thoughtful, unrushed, and thorough in his treatment modalities. My only regret is that I cannot see him more often. Would highly recommend to my friends and family.

Michael is a caring, compassionate, experienced acupuncturist. Excellent bedside manor, SUPER smart, went above and beyond to get me better. Highly recommend.

AWESOME! I was a sick man until Michael came into my life and healed me with his experience in acupuncture. It really works. I had been sick for over 15 years with stomach pain, none of the doctors could figure what was going on until my insurance company referred me to Michael. Thank you. No more taking medications, no more going to the emergency room. I recommend if you have pain call Michael Dell'Orfano.

I have been treated by Michael Dell'Orfano for the last 3 years for allergies and back pain. I've experienced great relief as a result. Michael also treated me following a car accident and this made a huge difference and helped me to a speedy recovery. He is excellent and knowledgeable. It is obvious that he cares deeply about what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment.

I don't even know how to begin to describe my Craniosacral. It was amazing and incredibly relaxing. I have never felt that relaxed in my life. 

I booked a 60 minute massage with Maureen and it was fantastic! I booked it online and it couldn't have been easier. The minute she put her hands on my back I felt my tension melting away. She gave me the full 60 minutes and her pressure was perfect for me. She checked in with me a couple times to make sure I was still happy...and I was! I was extremely relaxed and my whole body felt looser. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I will be back!
- JF

Had 1st massage with Maureen. WOW! What a great massage - opened a lot of problematic areas. LOVE!!!

As always a great massage by Maureen. She keeps me going. A great place I highly recommend coming here and seeing one of the great people on staff.

Gerly has been working on me for months and I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel after I leave my 60 min massage. She is truly in tune with the body and the healing process. I have referred one of my daughters to her and that was amazing and soon my other daughter will see her too for a healing massage. Stepping Stone is the most professional and most nurturing group of healers I have ever been to in my many years of life. I look forward to each and every appointment with joy...
- VM

Gerly's massage is wonderful . It has made a big difference in my body. My shoulders now feel much better as do my Hips and legs.
- JG

Gerly was so attentive and engaged throughout the treatment. I knew I was getting exactly what my body needed. I feel great even a few days later. Thank you!
- MF

Had an excellent massage with Gerly this weekend - her technique was very effective in releasing lots of tension in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. It wasn't painful at all, and I woke up the next day feeling great. Very happy!
- MG

I couldn't have imagined how wonderful my massage and Arvigo Therapy session with Marissa would be for me! I found it empowering and renewing! I came away with a new sense of being able to be in my life. My thanks to Marissa for her gentle but firm touch and clear comments on how the process works.
- TK

See Marissa! I saw Marissa for a prenatal massage with Arvigo techniques mixed in. It was amazing! She is a gem and by far the best massage therapist I have seen.
- JK

Marissa is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever had. She is so knowledgeable and offers very helpful suggestions for daily life. Stepping Stone is a lovely place to receive a treatment.
- RM

I went in for my first prenatal massage with Marissa yesterday at 37 weeks and my only regret is that I didn't go earlier in my pregnancy. It was wonderful! Relaxing, soothing, and healing. She has a wonderful gift for this work and I highly recommend her and Stepping Stone.
- SS

I highly recommend CJ for a deep tissue massage. He is extremely knowledgable and did a great job. CJ also gave me stretches/exercises to do at home to keep me loose and strengthen areas that are weak/causing the tightness.
- AL

I have seen C.J. four times over the past 2 months for treating pain and limited movement in my shoulder. C.J. put me at ease immediately and gives a wonderful massage. He's very knowledgeable and willing to share his information with his clients. My range of motion has improved considerably under his care, and my pain is markedly less after a massage. An added bonus is that I'm so relaxed after receiving the massage! 
- JP

It was my first massage at Stepping Stone. Due to bad migraines for about 35 years, I have had a lot of different massages seeking for relief. CJ from Stepping Stone knows what he is doing. He is very knowledgeable and explains what he is doing and where the pain comes from - which I find very helpful. The staff is extraordinarily nice and the atmosphere is just great. I can whole-heartedly recommend CJ and Stepping Stone!
- SW

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