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Acupuncture Point of the Month: Yin Tang

One of the most commonly used acupuncture points on the body is called Yin Tang, which translates as Hall of Impression or Hall of Seal. This point lies midway between the inside edges of the eyebrows, in the area designated by many cultures as the “third eye”.

An interesting thing about Yin Tang is that, unlike most acupuncture points that lie along meridians (like the Liver or Kidney meridian), Yin Tang does not.  It is one of many “Extra” acupuncture points that have been documented over the centuries to have very specific functions.

Yin Tang has a very powerful action of calming the mind and is used to treat symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and agitation. Because of its location, Yin Tang is also an effective point to treat a frontal headache (a headache that is mainly located on the forehead). Additionally, Yin Tang  is often used to treat nasal and sinus congestion, rhinitis (runny nose), and nosebleed. 

Yin Tang can be used to treat disorders of the eyes and can be stimulated not only by acupuncture, but also acupressure. We often give our patients homework to do between acupuncture treatments. Self acupressure on a number of acupuncture points on the face and head will increase circulation to the eyes - Yin Tang is one of those points - acupressure on this point can help with the eyes, headaches, and stress reduction.

Yin Tang has other functions that may not be so obvious, it is often combined with other acupuncture points to treat hypertension and dizziness. From a cosmetic viewpoint - Yin Tang gets a lot of attention these days for its use in facial rejuvenation!

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