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Health Tip #6. Drink a lot of herbal tea.

A few days ago we were asked what health tips we recommend across the board to everyone. This prompted us to count down our Top 10 Health Tips for Everyone here on our blog. Today, Health Tip #6: Drink a lot of herbal tea.
Herbal tea is a wonderful alternative to water or –ahem- coffee as a beverage of choice to sip throughout the day.  Herbal tea does not actually contain tea leaves, so it is a noncaffeinated beverage. First of all, because tea is warm, it is gentle and soothing to the digestive tract.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the Spleen energetic organ is mainly responsible for digestion and it prefers to be kept warm.  By drinking cold beverages (especially those with tons of ice), you are essentially throwing cold water on the engine that drives food digestion and absorption.  What results is a cranky, cold Spleen – and that means gas, bloating, and loose stools.  No fun. 

Secondly, drinking herbal tea can help keep you in balance with the seasons.  For example, we like to recommend drinking peppermint tea to combat the heat of summer.  Despite the warm temperature of the tea itself, the innate cooling properties of peppermint allows the body to feel cooler from the inside-out.  Similarly, in the winter, try sipping on a cinnamon based herbal tea.  Cinnamon’s warming nature will keep you toasty warm on the coldest of days. 

Finally, herbal teas are excellent for warding off colds.  As soon as you feel the first hint of a cold – a sneeze, chills, runny nose, tight neck – we recommend you rush to the stove and brew up some ginger root tea (fresh ginger root is the best – just cut about 3 quarter sized pieces per 12 ounces of water)…  and drink a lot of it, not just a cup – sip on a few cups at least.  Ginger root has the property of expelling colds from the body at this early stage.  There are many other herbal that can be used for various medical conditions, feel free to call us and ask about a specific ailment!

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