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The Many Health Benefits of Blueberries - from an Eastern and Western perspective

Blueberries, to me, are a quintessential summer food. And luckily, blueberries are one of those natural treats that are actually good for you! Not just good for you – but great.
Blueberries are frequently in the news for their high antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are essential for sustained health because they combat free radicals that damage our cells and DNA. This cellular damage, in turn, may be linked to such health problems as heart attacks, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and stroke. Blueberries contains dozens of phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in the body, making them an ideal food for long-lasting health and also for supporting the body’s natural healing process from chronic disease.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each food we eat exerts an effect on certain energy systems in our body. Blueberries are nourishing to the yin energy. Yin represents all the cool, watery, passive, heavy, rejuvenating, restful, downward and inward energies in our body. (Yin’s counterpart, Yang, represents all the hot, expansive, outward, active, fiery parts of ourselves.) Specifically, blueberries nourish the yin of our kidney energy system, which is the foundation of yin in the body. This makes them ideal to include in the diet for anyone recovering from disease or surgery, or women suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hotflashes, nightsweats, or insomnia. Because of their yin (water) – nourishing quality, blueberries are also helpful for individuals who suffer from constipation or dry stools. The kidney system also controls our bones, low back, knees, and ears. This means blueberries can be included in a diet for issues pertaining to any of these areas. While they don’t exert a direct effect on these various tissues and systems, by nourishing the kidney yin energy of the body they can certainly help.
Blueberries are also rejuvenating to our liver energy system, primarily through their antioxidant qualities and ability to nourish our cellular make-up. They can be included in the diet for cleansing and rebalancing our entire system. For this purpose, they should be accompanied by other anti-oxidant-rich fruits and berries, and all heavy, greasy, fried, or dairy foods should be eliminated temporarily to restart the system.
Blueberries are obviously best for the system when enjoyed naturally – without added sugar or in baked goods. Eat them plain, add them to granola or yogurt, or include them in a healthy smoothie or shake.  They can also be a great addition to summer salads.
Remember, though, as with any raw food, that our digestive system likes warmth. If you have a tendency to digestive issues, then be cautious with eating lots of raw blueberries or other fruits. Accompany them with a cup of warm herbal tea to moderate the cooling nature.

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Elderberry supplement on Thursday, October 11, 2012 2:49 AM
Great healthy information you have shared on blueberry for healthy life. Thank you for your healthy support on blueberry.
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Taylor Ronalds on Tuesday, January 08, 2013 4:53 AM
I'm a low carber so you know we don't eat very much fruit (sugar is sugar). But I throw part of a handful of blueberries in my full-fat Greek yogurt with a few pecans and that is better than any sugar-filled dessert I've ever had. I've heard they were great for you, and relatively low in sugar if you don't eat too many. Thanks or the info. cialis
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Mackeznie Gauvin on Tuesday, January 08, 2013 4:55 AM
5 lb bag of blueberries for $9 here at Costco in California. I probably go through a half pound each day for breakfast in my protein shake/smoothie. Blueberries, banana, Kefir (or yogurt or lassi -- if Trader Joes has it in stock) and some protein powder. I feel incomplete without having this for breakfast.
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Anonymous on Saturday, February 16, 2013 4:36 AM
Blueberries are very helpful for health improvement. I've keep this fruit item on my daily eating schedule. Thanks for providing some information about health benefits of blueberries.
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benefits of blueberry on Sunday, June 23, 2013 6:44 AM
Great informative post ! Thanks :) I eat Blueberries daily, it helps me keeping my digestive system good. It helps reducing acid indigestion and relieves my stomach ulcers. Cheers to Blueberries !
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