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Holistic Herbalism

Holistic Herbalism is the use of plants for health and healing. More than just knowing certain herbs to treat certain symptoms, holistic herbalism looks at the whole person and creates a partnership between one's body and the herbs themselves. These consultations are based on American/Western herbs - many of which you may be able to find growing right in your neighborhood or town!


During our holistic herbal consultations, you will meet - virtually or in person - with our holistic herbalist to go over your health history and better understand how herbs may be beneficial to you.


Herbs may be recommended as a ready-made tea, tincture, capsules, or as a pelvic or respiratory steam. Our herbalist may recommend custom-made teas or steams for you as well. You will have the option of purchasing the herbs yourself from recommended suppliers/stores/sources, or ordering a custom tea or steam from our partner, The InHara System, that will be available for pickup or shipping a few days later.


30-minute Holistic Herbal Consult: $50

*does not include the cost of herbs


Holistic Herbal Consults are usually provided as telehealth sessions. 

If you are already seeing Marissa Farrell for massage or Abdominal Therapy and want to add an in person herbal consult on to your treatment, then she will be happy to offer you an in person consult!

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