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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine operates on the same principles as acupuncture. It utilizes medicinal plants and minerals to rebalance the body's system and overcome disease. Chinese Herbal Medicine is given to patients in a formula containing 4-20 herbs specific for the patient's unique condition. At Stepping Stone Acupuncture & Wellness, we offer herbs in pill form or as a ground powder from which you can make a tea. Chinese Herbal Medicine can be a strong adjunct to a course of acupuncture treatment, and may be particularly recommended in cases of digestive upset, women's health issues, sleep problems, and respiratory infections. All our herbs at Stepping Stone Acupuncture & Wellness come from companies in the United States who abide by GMP practices. If it is appropriate for your condition, your practitioner will discuss the possibility of adding Chinese Herbal Medicine to your treatment plan. You can also opt to only use Chinese Herbal Medicine for your treatment, without acupuncture. If so, you should book a Herbal Medicine Consult.


Initial Herbal Medicine Consult (1 hour): $75*

     (Does not include cost of herbs)


Follow-Up Herbal Medicine Consult (30 min.): $50*

     (Does not include cost of herbs)


*Rates listed reflects payment at time of service discount.


Herbal Medicine consults are included free of charge in all Acupuncture appointments.


Read our FAQ page for more information.

Chinese Herbal Medicine appointments are not available to book through our online scheduler. Please call 781-898-4083 x 1 or email to book!

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