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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of integrative therapies to help you achieve your best state of health. You may choose to receive treatment at our practice with one particular therapy, or you may choose to use multiple modalities in your treatment plan.  Please contact us with any questions about our services.

The use of sterile single-use needles to stimulate specific points on the body to help the body overcome pain, disease, and imbalance. Adult, adolescent, and pediatric appointments available.

Our therapeutic massage appointments include a mix of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, and Sports Massage as needed. We also offer specialized Orthopedic Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point, and Prenatal Massage sessions.

Abdominal Therapy is founded on an ancient Maya technique of abdominal massage, which is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning for optimal health and wellness.

A form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses medicinal plant and mineral products to treat disease and promote health.

A gentle hands-on technique to re-balance the body's systems and treat pain and physiological dysfunction.

A therapeutic technique that uses special suction cups to reduce tension and promote healing.

Acupuncture that focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles to create younger, healthier looking skin. 

Coaching sessions designed to help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes by tailoring an individualized program to meet your needs.

The use of plants for health and healing, usually offered as a custom tea, or a pelvic or respiratory steam.

Integrative Medicine treatments for kids ages 0-12 and teens 13-17.

One-on-One Integrative Physical Therapy sessions combine manual therapy, functional assessment, and exercise prescription. 

A Japanese form of energy healing focused on promoting relaxation and activating your body's natural healing abilities.

Focused work on reflex areas on the feet that correspond to various organs and body systems, to prevent and treat many chronic health ailments.

Virtual consultations and health instruction sessions with our highly skilled team. Herbal consults, acupuncture intakes, nutritional health coaching sessions, and more.

What our patients are saying

I have been using this office for years as they are highly qualified, polite, courteous, caring people. They love their profession and it is reflected in the wonderful care they give to their clients and patient.

MS, Patient since 2011

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